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The primary objective of the ACT Community Coalition on Corrections is to advocate for the development of a humane and effective corrections system which:

·         Seeks to address the systemic social and economic causes of crime;

·         Minimises the harm to prisoners’ health and wellbeing caused by the prison environment; and

·         Rehabilitates and re-integrates offenders into the community; and

·         Is transparent and accountable to the community.


The ACT Community Coalition on Corrections is a network of community organisations and interested individuals which engages in systemic advocacy for corrections reform and the rights of prisoners and their families in the ACT. The group includes members from a diverse range of organisations and interests.


To this end, the Coalition has a number of functions, which include:

To monitor developments in ACT corrections, including ongoing adherence to the principles on which the Alexander Maconochie Centre was founded;

To highlight issues faced by detainees and their families;

To inform Government policy making processes relating to corrections;

To conduct advocacy on corrections issues through submissions to Government, correspondence with Government Ministers, community forums and media advocacy;
To enable the exchange of information between members of the Coalition, build relationships between organisations and thereby improve coordinated service delivery to prisoners;
To provide a forum for relevant community organisations to engage in collaborative projects to secure better outcomes for offenders and the community; and
To encourage open and positive relationships between all stakeholders in the corrections system.