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The Service’s website is

Department of Justice and Community Safety Union Collective Agreement 2007-2010 here 
This agreement between the government and the union covers custodial/correctional officers working at the prison.

The following basic documents published during the development of the new ACT prison are no longer publicly available on the website.

Communication Plan: Alexander Maconochie Centre Project (April 2007)

ACT Corrective Services, Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Strategy, 2006 – 2008

Remandee Release Needs, Report on Structured Inteview, July 2006

Prisoner Vocational Education and Training Survey, November 2004

Vocational Educational and Training and Rehabilitative Programs in The Alexander Maconochie Centre, Part A: Discussion Paper, Part B: Delivery Strategy, August 2006  

Vocational educational and training and Rehabilitative Programs in the Alexander Maconochie Centre (May 2007)

Alexander Maconochie Centre, Implementation of the Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Human Rights, Prisons and Women Prisoners by John Paget, Director, ACT Prison Project, 20 April 2005 (2005 CSAC Women’s Forum)

ACT Prison Project, Accommodation and Management of Women Incarcerated in the ACT, Draft 2004

“From Exclusion to Inclusion” A report on the role of the local community in the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners

Alexander Maconochie Centre, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Plan, October 2005

ACT Correctional Centre, Alexander Maconochie Centre, Functional Brief, March 2005 (Amendment No 2, last printed 14/03/2005 3:40 pm)

ACT Corrective Services workforce plan July2004 to July2007

Rehabilitative Strategies for Preventing Re-offending